Fresubin HP Energy 1000mL EasyBag


8 per pack

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1.5 kcal/ml  75g protein

For patients with or at risk of malnutrition, in particular with increased energy and protein needs and/or fluid restrictions or fat malabsorption. Meets nutritional targets of catabolic patients (> 1.2 g protein / kg BW). Low viscosity for easy application.

Available in 1000 ml EasyBag.

  • High energy: 1.5 kcal/mL – 1500 kcal per bag
  • High protein: 75g protein per bag
  • Easily digested and well tolerated due to adapted fat blend: high MCT
  • 57 % of fat is MCT for easy absorption1
  • High-quality protein to promote maintenance of metabolically active muscle and to support increasing lean body mass2
  • With fish oil
  • With 20 µg Vitamin D per RDD according to latest nutritional recommendations for persons without endogeneous synthesis like immobile patients3-5
  • Fibre-free
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ALLERGENS: This product contains milk, soy and fish oil.

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8 per pack