NUTREN Diabetes Ready to Drink 200ml

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SIZE:Carton contains 24 x 200mL bottles.

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Nestlé Health Science
NUTREN Diabetes is a nutritional supplement specifically formulated for people with diabetes. It is high in protein, with fibre, has a low GI and provides 1.0 kcal/mL.


If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes and haven't been eating well, you may benefit from NUTREN Diabetes. It is a nutritious supplement which provides energy, high quality protein, fibre and 27 vitamins and minerals. NUTREN Diabetes has a low Glycemic Index (33) .


NUTREN Diabetes is a food for special medical purposes specifically formulated for people with diabetes who cannot meet their nutritional needs through diet modification alone. Suitable as a sole source of nutrition. Use under medical supervision.


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