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The Flocare® polyurethane (PUR) ENFit naso-gastric (NG) feeding tube is designed for short-term gastric feeding.

• Transparent polyurethane tube with 3 white radiopaque lines and cm markings for position verification
• Latex and DEHP-free materials
• Comfortable and skin-friendly materials
• Rounded tip for easy insertion, with lateral and distal outlets
• Optimal outflow
• Siliconised guidewire
• ENFit patient end connector
• Range of sizes suitable for adults and children

• The placement of a naso-gastric tube is indicated for short-term gastric feeding (maximum 6-8 weeks) and for stomach decompression

Important Notice
• Naso-gastric tubes should not be used in patients with delayed gastric emptying and/or risk of aspiration

Recommendations for Use
• Tube feeding may only commence after correct position of the tube has been verified using X-ray confirmation or pH testing of gastric contents using pH indicator strips (118495). A pH of 5 or below indicates gastric placement. The tube should not be used if there is any doubt about its position. If the patient suffers any signs of respiratory distress, turn the feeding pump off and seek urgent medical advice.1
• Follow hygiene rules when handling feed, tubes and feeding sets
• Flush the tube before and after feed and medication administration, at least 3 times a day
• Replace the Flocare® PUR ENFit naso-gastric tube every 6-8 weeks

Quantity per Carton
10 units per carton